Terms & Conditions

MINDhaven complementary Therapy (UK)

By making a booking, or attending a session, you agree to the following terms and conditions; -


My fees charged are for my time, and facilities only, and does not constitute, or guarantee a successful outcome.

Important Note-Disclaimer

New Client’s Booking

To comply with the requirements of the code of ethics and established guidelines for complementary therapy, the first booking for a new client will include an in-depth fact-finding consultation to discuss the issue and tailor the interventions and therapy. Because this can take some time to complete (up to an hour), this will be done on the first meeting before any therapy commences, irrespective whether it is a face to face meeting or an online session.

Depending on the available time left, and appointments booked for that day, a follow up session may have to be booked for another date to commence the therapy work. The total fee for the first therapy session and consultation session will be package price of £70. Further sessions if required, will be charged at ongoing session rate of £55

Deposit (Personal Meeting)

To book and secure your appointment, a deposit of £30 is required for clients who wish to attend my practice in person. The deposit is payable within 48 hours in order to confirm the booking. The balance is to be paid at the end of the appointment. Deposit payments are to be paid by debit/credit card or bank transfer. (personal or business bank cheques are NOT accepted)

Online Session

To book and secure a remote session online via Zoom or Skype, full payment in advance will be required and is payable within 48 hours in order to confirm the booking. The payment can be paid by Debit/Credit card or bank transfer (BACS).

Where payment is not paid within 48 hours of booking your session, the booking will be cancelled and will be offered to someone else.

Deposit payment providing at least 48 hours’ notice has been given for any session cancellations and there have been no instances of non-attendance at sessions previously will be refunded or a session rescheduled if required.

Missed Session Policy

Please note if you book, and do not attend, without giving 48 hours’ notice, any deposit or full payment if paid for an online session will be not refunded and further bookings will only be accepted by full payment paid in advance.

Late Appointments

Where the client is late for start of the appointment, every effort will be made to provide a full session on that appointment providing it does not affect any clients booked appointments. Where this is not possible the duration of the session will be shortened so as not to affect other client’s bookings. The full session fee will apply.

Cancellations & Re-Scheduling of Sessions

If you need to cancel or re-schedule a session, please provide as much notice as possible. Notification must be made via email or phone call at least 48 hours prior to the session. Text messages will not be accepted as notification.

Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice or non-attendance at sessions without prior notification will result in your deposit not being refunded and a new booking will only be accepted on receipt of full payment in advance.


Session fees are for the therapist’s time, and are not a guarantee of a successful outcome. Therefore, no refunds will be given for any sessions either online or in person where you have attended and paid for the session.

Where a discount package or therapy programme has been booked and paid for in advance, if you choose to discontinue your therapy process before attending all the sessions, a pro rata refund will be issued after deduction of the full standard session fee for any sessions you have attended.

Smoking Policy

Smoking or Vaping is not allowed in the therapy room, or on the premises.

Alcohol/ Drugs Policy

Clients who appear to be under the influence of alcohol, or drugs will be not allowed to participate in any therapy, and any deposit paid will not be refunded.