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Why Therapy - What’s in it For Me?

We are all now leading busier stressful lives than ever before, and we don’t always pay attention to the negative effects it can have on our brain, mind and our general health until it becomes an issue., I know Ive been there many times in my younger years. The brain, and mind works similar to a computer by taking data in through our eyes, ears and other senses, thousands of times a second and processing this data at phenomenal speeds unconsciously so it’s no surprise that we can go into overload and develop life changing problems that can affect you When this happens with a computer, and “lock up, or freeze” and not respond to the normal information coming in via the keyboard or touch screen. We simply perform a reset, a reboot, call it what you will, to correct the malfunction.

Complementary therapies, provide a safe, confidential environment to allow you, with the therapist’s guidance, help you address the issues and fears which are stopping you from living life as you want it. Think of it as a reboot, and MOT for the mind, with you in control.

Because we are all different in our needs and preferences, I offer a range of therapies, some of which, but not all are explained below. Some are hypnosis based and come under the Hypnotherapy heading. I understand that some people may prefer therapies which do not include hypnosis, and so I provide other therapies which are as equally effective.

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BWRT Therapy

Working with you in mind

BWRT® stands for ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy®’, a model of psychology and psychotherapy created by UK professional therapist, Terence Watts, MCGI. It’s a totally confidential method that doesn’t require you to reveal your private information or personal secrets to your therapist, and is carried out in a completely conscious state.

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What People Say

MINDhaven complementary Therapy

  • 5 Stars

    Patrick is an extremely skilled therapist with a wealth of knowledge and life experience. He has a knack with people, a real empathy which means he knows exactly how to help others create significant change in their lives.

    Anne Jirsch

  • 5 Stars

    I worked with Patrick to resolve some persistent feelings of not being good enough which held me back from taking action a lot of the time.

    I found that those feelings would pop up and they seemed to be centred around one particular event.

    Patrick helped me to explore what was really going on for me. I found him to be a kind and considerate listener and I felt really heard, he also challenged me on some of my beliefs.

    It felt like a natural conversation was taking place and yet I experienced a huge shift in perception.

    What started out feeling heavy and insurmountable, ended feeling much lighter and with lots of laughter.

    I highly recommend Patrick if you find that you’re struggling with persistent negative thoughts that hold you back.

    Jane Gray

  • 5 Stars

    Having worked with Patrick over many months, I can verify he is indeed a professional and empathetic therapist, who quickly establishes a relaxed and professional rapport with his clients.

    His approach allows people to feel comfortable to talk openly about their issues. Patrick’s working style enables the client to establish the context and triggers of their underlying problems and identify negative thought patterns at a comfortable pace.

    Patrick is a compassionate, approachable therapist and an excellent listener. He has a wide range of therapy experience and can tailor therapy sessions to the needs of his clients, supporting them on best way to work through their issues.

    For those wishing to change for the better in whatever goals they are pursing, and move forward with their lives, I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick.

    Lynne Plaza

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