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My name is Patrick, and I will work with you to assist you in bringing about changes that will empower you to regain control of your life and remove the barriers that may be holding you back.

On my journey from 2005, I have been privileged to have been trained and coached by great mentors and therapists with phenomenal reputations in their field. I began a journey of study and trained with great people, and their organisations who specialised in this field. I realised that my real passion was helping people to overcome issues that were having a major impact on their lives, and to help them achieve a more positive meaningful life.

There is no magic secret with therapy, most of the time it will be like talking and confiding in a trusted friend.

Regain Your Life

Each and every one of us can be affected by what we see, hear, and believe to be true. Our subconscious minds are so powerful that these fears, and beliefs, can become real and distort our perception of the world and can have an adverse effect of how we function in our daily lives as well as on our personality and general health.

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Working with you in mind

I use a variety of therapies and techniques, working with you on your personal challenges associated with common issues such as relaxation, panic attacks, anxiety, limiting beliefs, guilt, self-esteem, confidence, sleep, nerves, fear, phobia. Some of the techniques I use are:

What People Say

MINDhaven complementary Therapy

  • 5 Stars

    Patrick is an extremely skilled therapist with a wealth of knowledge and life experience. He has a knack with people, a real empathy which means he knows exactly how to help others create significant change in their lives.

    Anne Jirsch

  • 5 Stars

    I worked with Patrick to resolve some persistent feelings of not being good enough which held me back from taking action a lot of the time.

    I found that those feelings would pop up and they seemed to be centred around one particular event.

    Patrick helped me to explore what was really going on for me. I found him to be a kind and considerate listener and I felt really heard, he also challenged me on some of my beliefs.

    It felt like a natural conversation was taking place and yet I experienced a huge shift in perception.

    What started out feeling heavy and insurmountable, ended feeling much lighter and with lots of laughter.

    I highly recommend Patrick if you find that you’re struggling with persistent negative thoughts that hold you back.

    Jane Gray

  • 5 Stars

    Having worked with Patrick over many months, I can verify he is indeed a professional and empathetic therapist, who quickly establishes a relaxed and professional rapport with his clients.

    His approach allows people to feel comfortable to talk openly about their issues. Patrick’s working style enables the client to establish the context and triggers of their underlying problems and identify negative thought patterns at a comfortable pace.

    Patrick is a compassionate, approachable therapist and an excellent listener. He has a wide range of therapy experience and can tailor therapy sessions to the needs of his clients, supporting them on best way to work through their issues.

    For those wishing to change for the better in whatever goals they are pursing, and move forward with their lives, I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick.

    Lynne Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

MINDhaven complementary Therapy

How to prepare for a successful online session?

A personal face to face meeting is always a best way for the client and therapist to interact and work together. For the online session to be effective, you will need to be alone in a quiet comfortable room where you won’t be disturbed.

Allow 1.5 hour for the session duration. You should have a good strong stable internet connection, and ideally a larger screen device such as a desktop PC, Laptop computer, tablet etc.

Why is the first new client session at a higher fee?

The first session is effectively a two-part session, a consultation, with a separate therapy session. As a new client to me, I am required by the code of ethics, and established guidelines to carry out and document an in-depth consultation with you, which takes around 45 minutes to an hour. This is mandatory for ALL new clients before therapy can commence.

The consultation and the therapy session are conducted under strict confidentially. The consultation is to gain some insight into your issue and how it is affecting you in your daily life, and to assess your suitability for therapy. The consultation is only required to be done once.

What happens if after the in-depth consultation, I don’t want to proceed with the therapy?

If after the consultation session you decide not to proceed with the therapy, you will only be charged the consultation fee of £20.

Are results guaranteed?

The only things in life that are guaranteed are, “Death and Taxes.” No therapy or therapist can you give you a 100% guarantee of a positive outcome, much like a doctor can’t guarantee you will get well, or a teacher can’t guarantee you will learn. As individuals, many factors can affect the result. Complementary therapy and hypnotherapy have a higher rate of success as opposed to will power or just coping.

Do all your therapies involve hypnosis?

Whilst hypnotherapy is a very effective and powerful process which works with your subconscious mind and has a high success rate for a positive outcome, other therapies such as BWRT, Havening, Psy-TaP techniques, Talking Therapy, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to name a few, do not use hypnosis and are just as effective.

How can hypnotherapy help?

It is important to understand that hypnotherapy, and therapy in general is not a magic pill. It requires the client to genuinely want to change and is prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

The answer is no. Hypnosis is 100% safe. It’s been around for hundreds of years and has recognised and approved by the British Medical Association.

Am I in control during my hypnotherapy session?

You remain in control at all times throughout your session and fully aware of what is happening, and what is being said.

I don’t require a therapy session, but want to experience a light hypnosis session?

I offer hypnosis for relaxation. These sessions are ideal If you are taking an important exam, driving test, or preparing for an interview.

For the spiritually minded person, I offer past life regression.

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